(Reccie made by Quidam Productions and Fall Films LTD)

Award winner feature musical documentary directed by Safinez Bousbia about the reunion of a group of old musicians once the protagonists of the Chaabi music scene in Algiers. Chaabi was the music of the bars, brothels and hookah-smoking clubs in the Berber- inhabited streets of Algiers's casbah. It flourished in the austere post-war years, when Arabs, Europeans and Jews lived side by side . After 40 years of separation, these formidable musicians finally get together for a moving concert in Paris.

Director-ProducerSafinez Bousbia
Co-director (for this Reccie)Nino Tropiano
CameraAndrew Legge
Nino Tropiano
Steadycam Op.Andrew Legge
SoundShane Fitzpatrick
MusicEl Gusto